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आशिक़ी  Ashiqui (Romance)

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         Urdu (उर्दू) poetry or Sher-o-shayari (शेर ओ शायरी) occupies a very special place in Urdu literature. It commands a large number of admirers in North India and Pakistan.

(ग़ज़ल) and Nazm (नज़्म) are two principle forms of Urdu poetry. Ghazal is usually a love lyric, sometimes a poem on a general subject. It consists of several couplets or Sher (शेर). Plural of a Sher is Ashaar (अशार) . A Nazm is an Urdu poetic form that is normally written in rhymed verse.

         Here is beautiful Urdu shero shayari
(उर्दू शेर ओ शायरी) about Ashiqui आशिक़ी (Romance) by famous poets. The meanings of difficult words have been given below the relevant couplets (sher, शेर ) for the convenience of the lovers of Urdu poetry.


राह-ए -आशिक़ी के मारे राह-ए -आम तक न पहुंचे,
कभी सुबह तक न पहुंचे, कभी शाम तक न पहुंचे.

- शकील बदायुन

raah-e-aashiqii ke maare raah-e-aam tak na pahu.Nche
kabhii subah tak na pahu.Nche kabhii shaam tak na pahu.Nche

 - Shakeel Badayuni


ग़म-ए-आशिक़ी से कह दो, राह-ए-आम तक न पहुंचे,
मुझे खौफ है,ये तोहमत मेरे नाम तक न पहुंचे.

- शकील बदायुन


Gam-e-aashiqii se kah do raah-e-aam tak na pahu.Nche
mujhe Khauf hai ye tohamat mere naam tak na pahu.Nche

 - Shakeel Badayuni


आशिक़ी Ashiqui (Romance)

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सरमाया-ए-हयात है हिर्माने-ए -आशिक़ी,
है साथ एक सूरत-ए-ज़ेबा लिए हुए.

असग़र गोंडवी

saramaayaa-e-hayaat hai hirmaane-e-aashiqii
hai saath ek suurat-e-zebaa liye hue

- Asghar Gondvi
जो ये दौर बेवफा है,तेरा ग़म तो मुस्तकिल हो,
वो हयात-ए-आशिक़ी क्या,जो दवाम तक न पहुंचे.

- याह्या जस्दंवाल्ला

[मुस्तकिल = permanent; दवाम = infinity]


 आशिक़ी पर और शेर

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jo ye daur bevafaa hai tera Gam to mustaqil ho
vo hayaat-e-aashiqii kyaa jo davaam tak na pahu.Nche

- Yahya Jasdanwalla

[mustaqil=permanent; dawaam=infinity]


More Urdu poetry about Ashiqui (Romance)

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