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Sher-O-Shayari in Devnagri script

मशहूर उर्दू शायरों के चुनिन्दा शेर और ग़ज़लें  



Aazadi (Freedom)

Aatish (Fire)

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Famous Urdu Poetry - लोकप्रिय शेर-ओ-शायरी - Topics

आतिश Aatish (Fire)

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         Urdu (उर्दू) poetry or Sher-o-shayari (शेर ओ शायरी) occupies a very special place in Urdu literature. It commands a large number of admirers in North India and Pakistan.

(ग़ज़ल) and Nazm (नज़्म) are two principle forms of Urdu poetry. Ghazal is usually a love lyric, sometimes a poem on a general subject. It consists of several couplets or Sher (शेर). Plural of a Sher is Ashaar (अशार) . A Nazm is an Urdu poetic form that is normally written in rhymed verse.

         Here is beautiful Urdu shero shayari
(उर्दू शेर ओ शायरी) about Aatish आतिश (Fire) by famous poets. The meanings of difficult words have been given below the relevant couplets (sher, शेर ) for the convenience of the lovers of Urdu poetry.


न पूछ आलम-ए-बरगश्ता ताली-ए-"आतिश",
बरसती आग में जो बाराँ की आरज़ू करते.

- हैदर अली आतिश

[बरगश्ता =
turn around/against; बाराँ = rain]
[ताली-ए-आतिश =
burning fate]

na puuchh aalam-e-baragashtaa taali-e-"Aatish"
barasatii aag me.n jo baaraa.N kii aarazuu karate
- Haider Ali Aatish

[baragashtaa = turn around/against; baaraa.N = rain]
[taali-e-aatish = burning fate]

किया मुझ इश्क ने ज़ालिम को आब आहिस्ता आहिस्ता,
कि आतिश गुल को करती है गुलाब आहिस्ता आहिस्ता.

- वली मोहम्मद वली

[मुझ =
(mere)my;  ज़ालिम = tyrant/oppressor;  आतिश = fire]

kiyaa mujh ishq ne zaalim ko.n aab aahistaa aahistaa
ke aatish gul ko karatii hai gulaab aahistaa aahistaa
- Wali Mohammed Wali

[mujh (mere)=my; zaalim=tyrant/oppressor; aatish=fire]

आतिश Aatish (Fire)
Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.
- Buddha

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वफादारी ने दिलबर की बुझाया आतिश-ए-ग़म कों,
कि गरमी दफा करता है गुलाब आहिस्ता आहिस्ता.

- वली मोहम्मद वली

[दफा =
repel/ward off]

vafaadaarii ne dilbar kii bujhaayaa aatish-e-Gam ko,
ke garmii dafaa karataa hai gulaab aahistaa aahistaa
- Wali Mohammed Wali

[dafaa = repel/ward off]

दिल मेरा सोज़-ए-निहाँ से बेमुहाबा जल गया,
आतिश-ए-ख़ामोश के मानिंद गोया जल गया.

- मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

[सोज़ =
pain;  निहाँ = hidden from view/inside;  बेमुहाबा = without hesitation;]
[आतिश =
spark/fire;  ख़ामोश = silent (here it means a low flame); मानिंद = like/similar to]


आतिश पर और शेर

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dil meraa soz-e-nihaa.N se bemuhaabaa jal gayaa
aatish-e-Khaamosh ke maanind goyaa jal gayaa
- Mirza Galib

[soz=pain; nihaa.N=hidden from view/inside; bemuhaabaa=without hesitation;]
[aatish=spark/fire; Khaamosh=silent (here it means a low flame); maanind=like/similar to]



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