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Sher-O-Shayari in Devnagri script

मशहूर उर्दू शायरों के चुनिन्दा शेर और ग़ज़लें  



Insaniyat (Humaneness)

Ummeed (Hope)

Qasid (Messenger)

Kismat (Fate)

Khat (Letter)

Khalish (Pain)

Khamoshi (Silence)

Khuda (God)

Gham (Sadness)

Gulistaan (Garden)     

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ख़त Khat (Letter)

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         Urdu (उर्दू) poetry or Sher-o-shayari (शेर ओ शायरी) occupies a very special place in Urdu literature. It commands a large number of admirers in North India and Pakistan.

(ग़ज़ल) and Nazm (नज़्म) are two principle forms of Urdu poetry. Ghazal is usually a love lyric, sometimes a poem on a general subject. It consists of several couplets or Sher (शेर). Plural of a Sher is Ashaar (अशार) . A Nazm is an Urdu poetic form that is normally written in rhymed verse.

         Here is beautiful Urdu shero shayari
(उर्दू शेर ओ शायरी) about Khat ख़त (Letter) by famous poets. The meanings of difficult words have been given below the relevant couplets (sher, शेर ) for the convenience of the lovers of Urdu poetry.


ख़त लिखेंगे गरचे मतलब कुछ न हो,
हम तो आशिक़ हैं तुम्हारे नाम के.

- मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

Khat likhe.nge garche matalab kuchh na ho
ham to aashiq hai.n tumhaare naam ke
- Mirza Ghalib

वो ख़त के पुर्जे उड़ा रहा था,
हवाओं का रुख दिखा रहा था.

- गुलज़ार

vo Khat ke purze u.Daa rahaa thaa
havaao.n kaa ruKh dikhaa rahaa thaa
- Gulzar

ख़त Khat (Letter)
A letter does not blush.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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हुस्न था तेरा बहुत आलम फरेब,
ख़त के आने पर भी इक आलम रहा.

- मीर तकी मीर

husn thaa teraa bahut aalam fareb
Khat ke aane par bhii ik aalam rahaa
- Meer Taqi Meer

तुम्हारे ख़त में नया इक सलाम किस का था,
न था रक़ीब तो आख़िर वो नाम किस का था.

- Unknown


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tumhaare Khat me.n nayaa ik salaam kis kaa thaa
na thaa raqiib to aaKhir vo naam kis kaa thaa
- Unknown

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- ख़त पर और शेर -

More Urdu poetry about Khat (Letter)

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Famous Urdu Poetry

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